Horsetail / Marestail Treatment

Horsetail / Marestail Treatment


Chemical treatment to control and kill marestail or horsetail invasive weed.

Common Name   Horsetail, Mare's Tail
Other Names  Field horsetail, Puzzle grass
Scientific Name   Equisetum arvense
Weed Type   Perennial Weed - deep rooted
Tends to affect: Lawns, Borders, Beds, Path and Patios

Main Causes  Rhizomes from stem fragments in topsoil, composts, manures or neighbouring gardens. I have seen this imported from garden centres where the pot already has shoots.Easily establishes from spores.
Typical growth - Spring and Summer

What is mare's tail/horsetail?

A highly invasive, deep rooted weed as sometimes described by the public as looking like fir christmas trees It has fast growing underground stem sytems which will quickly send up dense shoots with foliage. Tends to appear in spring or summer.

As this tends to invade from other land it may be worth considering discussing with your neighbours and land owners a control plan to eradicate their crop.

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